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Born: Santa Monica, California, currently reside in Los Angeles

Education: San Francisco City College, Santa Monica College, UC Santa Cruz

Studio: Keystone Art Space, L.A. CA, Studio B1


Selected Exhibitions:

2021 "High Beams", Torrance Art Museum, curated by Kristine Schomaker

2021  solo  "Its All L.A. to me....ruminations on the Odyssey", Keystone Art Space Gallery

2020 “DEEP FAKE” SUPERCOLLIDER Gallery, L.A. , November 15th, 2020 - January 5th, 2021,

curated by Isabel Beavers

2020 Weekly Featured Artist, stART-up Fair

2020 “In Real Life”, Keystone Art Space Gallery, L.A.

2020 “Painting Forest in the Endless Horizon”, bG Gallery, Bergamot station IRL, Santa Monica

2020 3-D Convention 2020 online Art Gallery show

2020 “Call and Response”: Collaboration at a distance, Shoebox Projects, online

2020 “See Where it Takes you”, online exhibit by CAYA , curated by Rebecca Potts and Maria Coit (interview)

2020 “Projecting Possibilities” Helms Bakery District, Culver City, video installation, (featured artist video interview)

2020 “Art in Bloom”, Creative Arts Group, Sierra Madre, CA

2020 “Superfine! Art Fair”, solo Booth Y 18, The Reef, L.A.

2020 “Circular Cluster Show”, bG Gallery, LA Art Show, L.A.

2020 “Into the Light”, OCCCA, Santa Ana, CA, curated by Nicholas Barlow, Curatorial Assistant, LACMA

2019 Solo Exhibit, Altadena Library, Altadena, CA

2019 “12th Annual Artistic Uprising” Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA

2019  Keystone Open Studios, fall 2019, L.A., CA 90031

2019 "Bouquet", Gestalt Group show, bG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2019 "Photoplay" Hive Gallery, group exhibit curated by Michael Rababy, L.A. CA

2019  Solo installation, "ID", Shoebox Closet Projects., L.A., CA

2018” Immersed in Abstraction”, National Juried Exhibition, Randy Akers, juror,

Ellington-White Contemporary, Fayetteville, North Carolina

2018 Left Out/Right Out group show, 3D art Fairfax, L.A (curated)

2018 Keystone Art Space Open Studio, June 9, 2018

2018 Circle Exhibit, bG Gallery, May 26, 2018

2018 Solo Exhibit, Vitrine Gallery, Monaco, Zoia Skoropadenko, Director

2018 “Music for your Eyes”, OCCCA, Peter Frank, juror

2017 Loft at Liz’s group show (donation, fundraiser), L.A., CA

2017 Casa Wine and Art Group show, L.A., CA

2017 “Exquisite Pittoresco”, Keystone Art Space, L.A. CA

2017 Cactus Gallery, Group Show, L.A., CA

2016 “Spectrum Miami”, bG Gallery, Art Basel, Miami Beach, Florida

2016 H. Lowe Gallery Installation, Art Basil, John Kilduff, Van Nuys, CA

2016 “Memory in Forms”, Neutra Institute, Silverlake, CA (curated)

2016 Open Studio Show, Keystone Art Space Gallery, L.A., CA

2016 “Sticks and Stones”, Cactus Gallery. L.A. CA

2015 “Art Basil”, curated by John Kilduff, Van Nuys, CA (reviewed in L.A. Times)

2015 “Unusual Medium”, BG Gallery, Bergamot, Santa Monica, CA

2015 “Spectrum Gestalt”, BG Gallery , Bergamot, Santa Monica, CA

2015 “Edges and Curves”, group show, Highland Park, CA

2015 Playtime, Annenberg Community Beach House Gallery, four person show

2014 HUD Gallery, First Friday Show, Ventura, CA

2014 2014 Juried Exhibition, curated by Jim Morphesis, Topanga Canyon Gallery, CA

2013 Be a Saint, group show. Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA

2012 Open Show Los Angeles Art Association, curated by Rebecca Morse, Associate Curator at MOCA

2012 Fan Show SCA Projects, Pomona, CA

2011 Sangria group show, Balboa Park, CA Charity Burnett, curator

2011 “Album Art Show”, Tool Room Gallery, Ventura, CA

2010 “Concatenation”, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Solo Exhibition, AIA, Wiltern Building, Los Angeles, CA

2010 “Wallworks”, Pershing Square, Los Angeles, CA

2009 “die Zeit of Drawing”, Climate Gallery, (large group show), Long Island City, New York

2009 “Bringing the Past to Light”, Charles F. Lummis House, Los Angeles, CA

2008 “The Heart of AMP”, Edgar Varela Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA

2008 “New and Improved”, group show, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA

2008 “Made in California”, City of Brea Art Gallery, Juror: Gloria Williams Sander, curator with the Norton Simon Museum

2008 “Discover 3-D”, Black Maria Gallery, curated by Ray Zone

2007 Tarfest Art Show 2007, Korean Cultural Center, curated by Michele Urton, Los Angeles, CA

2007 “Modernism Today”, August 2007-January 2008, LAX Tom Bradley Terminal, curated by Stephen Robert Johns

2007 “California Open Exhibition”, Tag Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, juror: Peter Frank

2007 “The Price of Everything… Perspectives on the Art Market”, Whitney Museum of Art Independent Study Program, CUNY Graduate Art Center, New York, N.Y. (through FAAN)

2007 “CUT”, Gallery i-5, Brewery, L.A. CA, juror: Mat Gleason

2007 “L.A. Ethos”, Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

2006 “Red, Wright & Blue”, Barnsdall Art Park Auction, Los Angeles, CA

2005 Tandem Solo Exhibition, LA Artcore Brewery Annex, Los Angeles, CA (previewed in Artweek, v.36, Nov., 2005)

2005 “Small Wonders”, Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2005 “Motion and Sound”, 2nd City Council Art Gallery and Performance Space, Long Beach, CA

2005 Infusion Gallery, group show, Los Angeles, CA

2005 Tandem Solo Exhibition, See it f/x Gallery, San Pedro, CA

2004 “In America Now”, Don O’Melveny Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Peter Frank

2004 Solo Exhibition, 3D Center of Art and Photography, Portland, OR

2003 Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Karin Higa

2003 The Square Show, Ceres Gallery, New York, NY

2000 Ruth Bachofner Gallery, group show Santa Monica, CA
1999 Moving Toward the Millennium, Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Adriano Pedrosa
1998 Malibu Art Association, Frederick R. Weisman Museum, Malibu, CA
1997 Solo Exhibition, CBFCU, Los Angeles, CA
1995 Tandem Solo Exhibition, Artcore Brewery Annex, Los Angeles, CA
1994 Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA, curated by Lowery S. Sims
1993 San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA, curated by Elizabeth A. T. Smith



Review in Art & Cake by Genie Davis, June 14, 2021Heather Lowe at Keystone Art Space – Art and Cake (

Article by Sarah Stone in "Medium", March 15, 2021Seeing The Gods. One artist’s shifting perspectives on… | by Sarah Stone | CARRE4 | Medium

Presentation  of my work by Stevie Love on Zoom "Metahuman" to Kipaipai Fellows, Jan. 15, 2021

Shout Out L.A.

Solo show at Shoebox projects:

Genie Davis

Agent Art, Lily Yu reporting from Art Basel, Miami

 Art Basil Exhibit reviewed in L.A. Times by Carolina Miranda

Oregon Literary Review (Summer/Fall, 2008), New York Press, (8/2006), Artweek (Nov. 2005), Downtown News, Santa Monica Mirror, h2so4, Alexandria Daily Town Talk, SCSC 3D News, Cascade Stereo Club Newsletter,

3D Art & Photography, (2009, ed. Shab Levy)



 Honorable mention: Made in California exhibit, ArtScene 1st Prize (1995), CPU Review 1st Prize (1991),

SCSC award for stereo card

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