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   Optical painting takes place within the eye, where separate elements interact visually rather than on canvas. 3-D or stereographic painting extends the principle to a perception of depth with an added brilliance from joining two or more visual fields. Heather Lowe’s work has reached beyond color moiré to gradations of color and ground in diverse patterns that affect one another by altering hue or shape to generate the image of a wave, or cloud formations, or dancing figures, for example. The possibilities of painting on mirrored glass have been explored in her work, as well as the resources of unaided stereography. Her work in stereo photography has followed both lines, the blending of separate pictures and the composed or altered image.  For the last seventeen years she has been extending these principles in lenticular media, most recently combining drawing, sculptural effects, morphing and animation.

   Her work has been exhibited widely throughout California and abroad. Lowe studied at Santa Monica College, UC Santa Cruz, and San Francisco City College, and currently resides in Los Angeles, where she has a studio at Keystone Art Space.

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//sketch1 for transparency_Heather Lowe void setup() { size(500,400); } void draw() { background(24, 200, 150); stroke(255, 255, 255); fill(160, 220, 90, 70); ellipse(200, 200, 300, 300); fill(252, 246, 115); ellipse(200, 200, 175, 175); fill(160, 210, 230, 50); rect(mouseX, mouseY, 200, 200, 20); fill(240, 30, 0, 80); ellipse (200, mouseY, 100, 100); fill(240, 30, 0, 50); ellipse (300, mouseX, 90, 90); fill(240, 30, 0, 30); ellipse (mouseX, 50, 70, 70); fill(160, 210, 230, 50); rect(mouseY, mouseX, 100, 100, 20); }